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meat, poultry, and game specialties. 
full assortment in any convenience grade.

no matter which dish you would like to serve - you'll find the 
meat component at AULBACH's.

all types of meat - timeless classics and current trends - are
likewise represented in our assortment.

as to the convenience grad of most articles, we comply to your requests. 
just opt between raw pieces of meat, pre-cooked snack components, and 
ready-roasted convenience solutions which decrease your time expenditure, energy-costs - and stress. 



raw pieces of meat.

 for all do-it-yourself-fans, who 
love to portion and spice 
the meat themselves, we have 
compiled a versatile choice of 
whole raw pieces of meat.


convenience products are beneficial 
in many aspects and have established themselves in many canteen kitchens. 
please find products such as roasted 
burgers, sausages, and schnitzel here.


coldcut. ham. salami.

our sausage assortment features 
delicious lyon sausages, hams, salamis, 
and many more. as whole stick, sliced, in cubes or rashers - here you'll find what you're looking for. 

organic articles.

discover our selection of articles 
from organic pork, beef, or veal. 
if you like, we produce items from 
organic poultry and organic lamb 
for you as well.